Welcome. This site provides information on the novels Lucy and Bonbon (projected date of publication - 2019), Rising Stories (2015) and Animals (2009/2010). The site also includes selected other writings, and images of selected artworks

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If you are interested in the novels, you may also be interested in my blog, http://donlepan.blogspot.com/.  

Also featured on this site are a selection of paintings; some of these were included in "The Skyscraper and the City," a March 2008 exhibition at the Brooklyn Artists' Gym, Brooklyn, New York; others are more recent. 
My new novel is called Lucy and Bonbon , It began with a 2011 short story, "Bonbon" (included on this site); the novel carries the narrative into Bonbon's adolescence. Lucy and Bonbon touches on some of the same sorts of human/nonhuman animal issues that are the focus of Animals, but does so from a very different angle. If you'd like to read the story, scroll down beyond all the Animals categories and click on Short Stories

Please feel free to contact me at don.lepan@broadviewpress.com. 

Rising Stories: A Novel
July 2015
from Press Forward Publishing
distributed by Broadview Press Inc.

Animals: A Novel
Canadian edition from Press Forward Publishing (distributed by Broadview Press Inc:
American edition from Soft Skull/Counterpoint (distributed by Publishers' Group West/Perseus) Press Forward Publishing
distributed by Broadview Press Inc.

Below: The Illinois Central poster that forms the basis of the Rising Stories cover image (and is discussed in Chapter 7 of the novel). I discovered this poster in 2008 when I found a mounted copy that had been thrown away; it was lying beside a dumpster in an alley beside Calgary's Grain Exchange Building.

Above: The Sears Tower - detail from 
Black, White, and the American Red Cross, Chicago 2004 (see Art page 4)