Welcome. This site provides information on the novels Lucy and Bonbon (to be published by Guernica Editions in 2022); Rising Stories (2015); and Animals (2009/2010). The site also includes selected other writings, and images of selected paintings

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If you are interested in the novels, you may also be interested in my blog, Animals, etc.http://donlepan.blogspot.com/.  

Some of the paintings on this site are a selection of paintings; some of these were included in "The Skyscraper and the City," a March 2008 exhibition at the Brooklyn Artists' Gym, Brooklyn, New York; others are more recent. 

My new novel, Lucy and Bonbon, began with a 2011 short story, "Bonbon" (included on this site); the novel carries the narrative into Bonbon's adolescence. Lucy and Bonbon touches on some of the same sorts of human/nonhuman animal issues that are the focus of Animals, but does so from a very different angle. If you'd like to read the story, scroll down beyond all the Animals categories and click on Lucy and Bonbon

Please feel free to contact me at don.lepan@broadviewpress.com. 

Rising Stories: A Novel
July 2015
from Press Forward Publishing
distributed by Broadview Press Inc.

Animals: A Novel  
American edition from Soft Skull Press / Counterpoint (www.softskull.com);
Canadian edition originally published by Véhicule Press, now available from Press Forward Publishing, distributed by Broadview Press Inc. (www.broadviewpress.com)
below: The Illinois Central poster that forms the basis of the Rising Stories cover image (and is discussed in Chapter 7 of the novel). I discovered this poster in 2008 when I found a mounted copy that had been thrown away; it was lying beside a dumpster in an alley beside Calgary's Grain Exchange Building.

above: The Sears Tower - detail from 
Black, White, and the American Red Cross, Chicago 2004 (see Art page 4)